The RavenCluster is not an individual company, but a mantle for small and mid-sized companies that want to expand in Mexico in a risk-minimizing manner.

Based on our experience in the build-up of RavenRubber México we are able to share our organization structure and the available resources with our RavenCluster members.

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RavenRubber is the specialist in elastomer technology.

We produce large-scale series for the automotive and household appliances industry.

Our central idea is to work in a familiar network. German engineering know-how, world wide production sites and strong cooperation partners are warrantors for our success.

This is one of the reasons that allowed us to grow globally very fast within the triade (NAFTA, EU, Orient) and to be already the leading rubber supplier for the North American household appliances industry.

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RavenTech is our think-tank, in which we develop the systems for the household appliances industry as well as components for the automotive industry with an international network of specialists.

Our focus: Initial development and individual system solutions.

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EuRepMex is the first contact for international companies which want to market their products in Mexico.

Our highly trained, multilingual team uses our extensive network in the capital and consumer goods industries to fulfill your ideas overseas.

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