News Abroad in Europe - Mexicans drawing a Conclusion

Abroad in Europe - Mexicans drawing a Conclusion

10 months learning German, European culture and knowing how they operate in the workplace. It was definitely an experience that made me grow as a person, made me more independent and above all, to grow up professionally. I adopted several ideas to implement in our company, where we will prepare day by day, working with all the team to get good results for our actions and to comply with our mission and vision. Thanks to all from the RavenTeam for this opportunity, now I´m coming back with all the enthusiasm to work with all of you, and above all, enjoying our México.

- Mónica García


Raven gave me the opportunity to receive a training in Europe, so here I share in few words what I have done this 10 months. The first months I spent in Austria where I got German classes, definitely German is not an easy language, but after learning the basics in the classes and hearing it every day, now I get to understand a little more, hopefully I get to maintain a whole conversation in German someday.

Next step was going to Germany for some months, where AZ Automotive gave me a very good welcome. I got to learn the process they follow in the development of the projects. Starting from the strategies to attract new customers, followed by the administration of the requests for quotation from potential customers, and then, once you are awarded with the production of a new part, how to follow up its development. In the meanwhile I started with the administration of all the RFQs that RavenRubber receives and got to define a system with the help of all the team.

After that, I came back to Austria, where I am in the moment getting step by step more involved in the development of the new RavenRubber projects. In general, my training in Europe is focused on the development side but truth is that project management is not the only thing I’ve learned here. I have also learned that communication is fundamental in the company and even more in a global business, kilometers are not the only thing in between the two offices but also hours, so we have to be conscious that if we leave something for tomorrow perhaps it means two days for someone in the other side. I’ve learned also other ways of working, other ways of thinking, now I get to appreciate more everything that I had at home, perhaps it is not easy to explain but in conclusion I think I really have grown as a person.

I know there are so many more things I have to learn, but meanwhile I am enjoying the ride and I am ready to share all the knowledge I’ve got out of this experience so we all get to grow together as a company.

- Karina Rodríguez


In August of this year I came back from Germany to Mexico, and I would like to share with the Raven family the experience of being back home and tell the things I have learnt outside my country.

One of the things I missed the most of being out, was the relationship that exists between the Mexicans, from the important family until the valuable friends and colleagues. Being back made me truly realize how between us it always will exist a connection that is strong and warm, but also I believe that something transcendental I have learnt was that German culture is what´s more very rich in its own way concerning the actual respect among the relationships and specially their way to deal when they have difficulties or problems plus their tireless and meticulous work.

I´ve always believed that people, although many times we don´t like it, constantly are looking for changes. It might be unconscious, but sure is that the responsible for this is our own nature, our inevitable evolution, that is always asking for a continuous improvement. As families always partake of knowledge, experiences and new learning, I would like to share with you the thought to combine these two interesting ideologies, Germans and Mexicans.

The best way to achieve this is to combine the passion and the heart from a Mexican and the perseverance and work from a German to reach things that are more significant, in conclusion to focus our feelings on our goals.

- Sergio Gardea