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Our Experiences in RavenRubber Austria

GRATITUDE and EXPECTATION – those are the words that come up my mind when I am asked to describe what I am living right now.

My name is Karina Rodríguez, I am 22 years old and currently working in RavenRubber Austria. In June 2010 I entered RavenRubber México along with two companions to make our final assessment project for college. In December, I received my degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with the offer to come and learn more about the company and receive a special training abroad.

Just five weeks have elapsed since my arrival to Austria and there is no doubt I arrived in a very different country, with people who do not speak my language and customs that are totally different, making my stay a challenge since the beginning. But that's the exciting thing about this experience. I had the opportunity to experience different ways of working, and I think I'm learning a lot from each and every one here in the company. I'm definitely valuing more the things that I have and that I don´t have and perhaps the fact of being away from home opened my eyes and made me understand that things are not easy from the start, but yet nothing is impossible.

I am grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me, the confidence to send me far away to receive this training which allows me to become a valuable asset for the future of the company.

That is where my expectation was born, because right now I want to absorb all the knowledge possible to grow and offer something useful, not only work-wise but also as a person.

- Karina Rodríguez

In the majority of cases we do not know what things really mean until you lose them or it costs you a real effort to achieve them.

Being away from your home country, away from your family makes you appreciate things more. Our parents have been teaching us values and principles, educated and prepared us all our live for us to have it easy when the time comes to be on our own. I can now understand what it means to do everything by myself and thanks to all the years of preparation, I manage to grow and mature more every day.

New experiences are part of our personal growth; they give us maturity for us to use the next day. Life is always going to confront us with difficult situations, but they will not be an obstacle to progress on your way. This is when you realize that you are grateful to everyone who helped you to fight and achieve your goals and when you start to feel proud of doing things.

Many times I start thinking about why things happen, both good and bad, but I try not to focus on the bad ones, much rather I try to get the most out of each situation.

I'm grateful to life and especially to God for giving me all I so far have and I keep asking him for giving me the strength to move forward despite of all the obstacles that arise, taking into account all the advice that throughout my life I have acquired.

"The key to success in life is to recognize the value of things"

- Mónica García