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My Experience in LWB, our RavenCluster Partner, in Germany

Hi colleagues,

First of all, I hope you are doing fine. I would like to share my experience in a foreign country with you. To begin with I give you a brief overview of where I am and of the company I work for.

I'm currently in Altdorf, Germany, which is 45 minutes from Munich and I am working for the company LWB (Landshuter Werkzeugbau) which produces rubber injection molding machines. The company is known for its high-quality production and innovation in injection technology. It is a globally active company which exports all around the world and among others has customers in Turkey, France and Spain. It is currently expanding to Mexico, and to have an idea of the technology they develop, Vitro is a company that uses these machines to inject the rubber on glass.

I started working on February 28 and so far I can say that LWB is a company that is determined to improve, which seeks to be the best and believes in itself. People are always there for each other and support each other. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know some things, because that's what teamwork is there for, where you collaborate with your expertise for the common good by creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere having a constant flow of communication and actually making the job easier.

I would like to share something, that really impressed me: when working in the assembly of the machines, my companion checked every perforation of every element of the machine. We are talking about thousands of perforations, and each and every one of them he touched, felt and measured. That´s where you could really feel the love for what he does.

I would like us to apply this ideology. I think it is fascinating and makes the job to not only be your work but part of yourself, part of what makes us feel proud of ourselves.

In conclusion, my experience has been very good, I'm learning and getting to know this culture and I think we can implement many of the things I have seen and learned in our family of RavenTeam.

I send you my best greetings,

- Sergio Gardea