News Our Chinese colleague Min shares her Europe trip experiences

Our Chinese colleague Min shares her Europe trip experiences

Last month I spent 13 days in Europe – Germany and Austria. Unlike my former stays in Germany, this was my first business trip to Europe as member of the RavenTeam. It gave me the opportunity to discover Germany and Austria in a very different way: not as an exchange student or tourist from Asia but as an employee in an international company.

During those days I visited three places: the RavenTech GmbH in Nuremberg, the KKT Group in Nohra & Osterode, Germany, and the RavenRubber GmbH/Deisenhammer in Wels, Austria. The time was short but the impression was strong. I not only took the chance to finally meet with my colleagues in person but also received the opportunity to observe the production of different rubber and plastic parts. With all these valuable experiences I got a stronger connection to our company on both personal and technical level. Not a day went by without learning and gaining new experiences. I learned from everyone in every area.

So I came back to Qingdao, where I proudly present our small yet dynamic company, with all these good experience with people and technical issues, and with more confidence that we can take root and grow here, as long as the working style, the atmosphere and the will for progress and innovation in our team continues.

Dr. Vogt from KKT, our partner company in RavenCluster, said during my visit: at the end of the day, it’s all about the people and communication. I consider myself as very lucky to have so many good people on my back. Though I am for now still the only employee of our group here in China, I know clearly that I’m not alone – never was, never will be.