News Our RavenTech GmbH hosts DIN-Working-Group “Noise of Household Appliances”

Our RavenTech GmbH hosts DIN-Working-Group “Noise of Household Appliances”

Given the fact that every consumer seeks to have silent appliances and investigates on the sound level in catalogs and advertisements, it is important to measure noise always in the same way in every company and test institute. Therefore the test procedures are globally standardized by the IEC (International Electro-technical Commission).

The relevant working group will meet in May in Milano. The German experts are organized into a working-group of DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung). On April 3rd and 4th the 44th meeting of a DIN-working-group will take place at out RavenTech GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany.

There will be two days of discussions on how to do noise tests on household appliances taking place. One of the important topics is what kind of dirt should be used to measure the noise of dishwashers. By now the tests are done with clean dishes, but modern appliances have sensors which recognize the dirt level and can be recognized in a noise test. Therefore a kind of dirt load has to be defined to avoid customers to be tricked.

In the workshop nearly 20 specialists of the area of acoustics from the major home appliances industry companies will take part.

The host of the meeting will be Friedrich Mack, head of acoustics in RavenTech and a longtime member and former chairmen of the DIN-working-group.