RavenGroup News My Traineeship as Service Engineer in Germany

My Traineeship as Service Engineer in Germany

Once again I would like to share my experiences abroad with you, tell you about things I learned and a couple of anecdotes that made my stay abroad special.

To start with I have to state that the reason I went abroad, in this case to Landshut, Germany, was to complete a traineeship for the company LWB Steinl, one of our cluster partners.

During the trip I completed several service trips in different countries such as Austria, Poland and Italy where I took care of repairs, assemblies and disassemblies of machines and furthermore I took part in an exposition of rubber and plastics in Milano, Italy. This gave me the opportunity to get to know different companies whose field of action is related to ours and I got to know different points of views within this market.

My stay in Germany was very productive and entertaining seen from a professional view and culturally I could once again appreciate the differences between the countries concerning the way of thinking and acting as well as work related and how people spend their free time, learn new things and pass them on to other people.

An anecdote I would like to share at this point deals with a problem we had with a machine we were constructing for Vitro, the Mexican company which produces glass. In this particular case the machine of LWB is supposed to put rubber around the glass which in the end is used as car windows for Ford, Mazda, Renault and VW. In this case a couple of errors happened while assembling the machine but instead of starting to point out the ones to blame for those mistakes we all teamed up and talked about the problem and came up with an infinite amount of ideas. We solved the problem in a way that in the end the machine was improved and one learned from one another.

On this occasion I learned that people are not judged by their mistakes but by the way they make up for them.

I think that my stay abroad reaffirmed within me that Mexico is an incredible country, where people are full of culture, fellowship, eager to work a lot and very proud of who they are. But also I realized that we can learn a lot from other cultures and that complementing our qualities we can grow a lot. I learned for example that it would bring us much further ahead if we would work in a focused manner and that we should constantly communicate with our colleagues, who are on our side to offer their support and knowledge and that in the end together we can create an outcome worthy for a team.

- Sergio Gardea